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»Thank God we have Hugh Dancy.«

»Hugh Dancy was our first person cast and was the easiest person to cast, in one sense, because everyone universally agreed on him—that he was a very sophisticated actor and an intelligent actor, who could portray Will Graham in a likable fashion […]. So we needed somebody who brought an innate likability and an openness. Will needs to invite the audience in, so Hugh Dancy, as an actor, has a face that invites the audience into his story, and you can take them on a wild journey, and they will remain with Hugh Dancy because he is that charming of an actor and also appealing as a human being, that despite whatever pain he’s going through, you’re rooting for him to get through it.« –Bryan Fuller

I think that we don’t want to see him running around being a brutal warrior, but we want to see that once in awhile. We don’t want to forget what he is, and I think that the certain elegance he brings to it, he’s extremely fast, doing things extremely snappy—just glimpses of that, to catch him in the basement, turning off the light and he’s gone, or snapping somebody’s head out of the blue. I think those moments are very important, that we keep reminding ourselves that this is not a very calm man sitting behind a desk. This is a snake, and he moves really fast.

—Mads Mikkelsen on showing what Hannibal is capable of (x)

(Source: hannibeatles)

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